What Do People Say?

 "This workshop is a must, especially for those who really know themselves. A time to reflected and enter the depths of one's being." 

-          Linda X. from East London

"The best work SoulCollage...Mind blowing ...eye opening when the next one!"

-          Greta O. social worker from Essex

"I feel I have given the opportunity to aware a part of me that I have not really considered before. I want it find it more about this bright and positive part of me." 

-          Vanessa E. from East London

"Thank you very much for the session; I am really amazed by what it brings it the surface and how I can work on it. Thank again and I hope to do it again when I visit London."

-          Miriam Roster from Denmark

"SoulCollage Workshop, thank you very much for this Sunday afternoon. It was interesting watch how all these pieces made a picture."

-          D. from East London  

"Brilliant, excellent!  Great fun thanks!"

-          Hazel from East London

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