Clinical Supervision

Supervision is a great way:

  • to help supervisees have a better (more integrated) sense of the therapeutic process.
  • to help supervisees develop principles of best professional practice.
  • to help supervisees develop professional confidence and an enhanced ability to act autonomously in their working context. To help supervisees explore past and present experiences of therapeutic work and to find ways to develop their own unique therapeutic style.

Supervision Style

Priscilla's theoretical orientation is humanistic counselling. The style she uses in supervision is the Cyclical Model, which will focus on relevant issues related to the client, ensuring that issues are explored in some depth. It also gives a direction and purpose to the session, enabling both the supervisee and supervisor to explore issues together. It can also incorporate other therapeutic models using pictures, shapes, themes, masking, Transactional Analysis, N.L.P, and Life Coaching. This will help to identify patterns or any recurring issues that come up in the session.

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