What is SoulCollage®


SoulCollage® is about creating a collage of your inner self and placing that onto cards. It works towards many levels of healing (spiritual, emotional, and physical).This takes place as we make our cards and continue to grow with the process.


Each one of us is on our own spiritual life journey and we can make the journey smoother and more joyful by practising SoulCollage®. It is totally creative, fun and enjoyable, yet it is also a deepening, healing, process that takes us on an inward journey of discovery and connection to our authentic self.


It's a way to heal our inner separations. Each card represents a separate energy or voice that has something to say about our life's journey. It is only by listening to, honouring and naming each voice that we become whole. SoulCollage® will open up doors of transformation and will provide a way to communicate with your soul.

Visit the soulcollage website for more information at: http://www.soulcollage.com