What is Mindfulness? 

Mindfulness is the calm, but vibrant attention to what happens naturally when we are fully present and aware. It is a way of being which is focused and aware, without tension or stress. Mindfulness comes about spontaneously whenever we are happy and absorbed, and brings a sense of lightness, ease and freedom which we can apply to whatever we do, whether at work or at home.


Who is Mindfulness for? 

Mindfulness based approaches are particularly effective for people suffering from stress and stress-related conditions.

At the same time, they bring increased creativity and resourcefulness, as well as improving communication and overall well-being. So everyone can benefit from more mindfulness.

While mindfulness was initially researched and taught to those suffering long-term physical pain or chronic depression, it is now practised and taught in a wide variety of settings in business and in personal development.

 “Meditation is a simple

technique which can help

us to get to know ourselves

more deeply,

learn to focus our mind

on our needs, and

to shut out the busy

traffic in our minds”

Practising Mindfulness 

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by events around us, as well as by our emotional responses to what is happening. By learning how to practise mindfulness, we become more able to bring our attention to what happens inside us, so we can respond creatively to what is going on outside us. The practice of mindfulness is one which helps us to find or regain a balanced, calm and organic way of doing what we need to do.

Changing your thoughts, perception, pre-conceived notions and your belief and attitudes will ultimately change your 


This is something you alone can do.