Life Coaching

Life Coaching is amazing. It gives you direction, confidence, focus and energy. It helps you explore options, gives you support and enables you to feel less overwhelmed by life

The aim of coaching is to unlock the individual’s potential and help them shape their ideal future. Coaching is a tool that empowers people to make decisions about their life. It provides the space, time and tools to get a clear picture of what the individual wants. Coaching is about finding your own answer from deep inside and putting it in firmly in the driving seat.

The average coaching session is 90 minutes and the average amount of sessions is 4, though you can have a one-off coaching session or monthly coaching. This service can be provided face to face, via telephone or skype as per your preference.

Coaching Fees: 1.1/2 hours $100

Your Life 

To help me to coach you, I need some background information this should be very brief.

I am interested in what has brought you to where you are now and has helped shape you in the person that you are today.

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Thank you for your time.