Insight Therapy Counselling Service

What we do?

Counselling is offered on a one to one basis and also via Telephone appointment. 

Why Counselling?

Counselling will give you an opportunity to explore feelings and talk confidentially to an independent and non-judgemental person who will actively listen and work with you to improve your situation. Counsellors do not tell you what to do, but will help you achieve a better understanding of the things troubling you and help you to identify possible solutions and potential alternative ways of thinking about issues.

What are the issues counselling can help with?

•  Anxiety and stress

•  Bereavement and loss

•  Surviving trauma, abuse, and domestic violence

•  Isolation and cultural adjustment

•  Low self-esteem                                

•  Relationship difficulties at home, school, college or work

•  Sexuality

•  Depression

•  Anger

•  Bereavement

•  Bullying

•  Self-harm and self-injury

•  Eating disorders

How much does therapy cost?

Counselling Therapy

Initial Assessment: 1.5 hours  $100


Following the initial assessment:

1 hours: $80.00

1 hour Couples: $100

Why not contact Insight Therapy to book an initial session or ask for more information